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Autor Thema:What to do with an old Intel I7 CPU?

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What to do with an old Intel I7 CPU?
am 05. October 2017, 09:21

Hi everyone,

I recently picked up a pair of older motherboards from a garage sale. Only one had a CPU. It's an Intel Core i7 CPU 920 running at 2.67GHz. It's a socket 1366 processor. How much use could I get from this? I was thinking of using it as a server and encoding movies with it.

The second board is an Asus P6T6 WS Revolution and it is socket 1366 motherboard. I've seen this board sell well on ebay. I'm thinking about picking up a cheap xeon cpu to throw in to test the board. The socket 1366 I7 processors were more than I wanted to spend for a test cpu. By the way, would a xeon require ecc ram or could it work with regular ram?


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