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We offer you another great patch for another great game: A new installer for Blade Runner which contains all required patches to play Blade Runner on your Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer! Just download my installer and let it do the work 👻

Patch and Installer

This is the essential main file! 😃 Download it and follow the instructions.

Blade Runner NGI 3.1
Patches « Downloads

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Blade Runner Installer for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.
Last Update: December 2017


This file is necessary to display the sprites and images from Act 2 to Act 4 (Disc 2 to Disc 4).

It basically contains all CDFRAMES.DAT from Disc 1 to Disc 4 merged in a single, bigger file called HDFRAMES.DAT. Please download this file (310 Mb) and copy it in your Blade Runner game directory. Alternatively, you can manually copy the CDFRAMES.DAT file from the respective Disc, e.g. Act 3 – Disc 3 and so on.

Patches « Downloads

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Blade Runner works great on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (x64).


Make sure your discs are clean (of scratches),  if it takes a long time to install the game! 😃

CPU Patch

Big thanks to Aqrit’s DirectDraw Wrapper –

This file is already included in the new installation software.


In order to get pass “BLADE.EXE stopped working” error:

After every reboot, just remount the CD1 of the installation, re-open the installer executabile and proceed until language selection, CD loading and installation target path so you’re able to proceed with the install, BUT, just don’t proceed, leave everything like that and start the blade2012.exe to start the game. I don’t know why, but the error will not appear and you can play the game.

Don’t forget to set DPI scalling by Application under Compatibility for blade2012.exe before you start, on Windows 10 x64 (tested).

Have fun!

The Blade Runner game (content) is Copyright © 1997 by the Blade Runner / Westwood Partnership. „Blade Runner“ and any other Blade Runner related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective trademark and copyright holders. The „Blade Runner“ trademark, some sounds and images used in the „Blade Runner Installer 2012“ are Copyright © 1982, 1991, 1997 by the Blade Runner Partnership and/or The Ladd Company and/or Westwood Studios.  The „Blade Runner Installer 2012“ does not contain a copy of the game or any significant game file. All rights reserved.

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Bewertung: 4.2/5 (55)
Blade Runner: Patch / Installer for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (x64), 4.2 out of 5 based on 55 ratings
Dieser Beitrag wurde veröffentlicht von Malte am 7. November 2011.
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Kommentare (175) zu Blade Runner: Patch / Installer for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (x64)

  • Malte sagte am 29.10.2018 um 11:37:49


      Thanks for your input! 😎👍 Have fun!

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  • eragon2890 sagte am 28.10.2018 um 10:53:54

      FIXED! 😀 for anyone who has the same problem; open the aqrit.cfg config file in the game directory and change the NoVideoMemory setting from 1 to 0, and save the file. Now it works perfectly. Thanks for the person below who mentioned this file in another context! =)

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  • eragon2890 sagte am 28.10.2018 um 10:50:38


      Thanks for the patch, but I can not play the game. I can install it, but after that when starting I only get sound and no image (and I copied over hdframes…) no matter what compatibility settings I try.

      my specs are:

      core i5-7500
      8 gb gddr 5 geforce gtx 1070
      16 gb DDR4 RAM
      256 GB SSD
      Windows 10 64-bit

      Anyone got any idea how I would be able to play this game? 🙁 XD

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  • sagte am 24.09.2018 um 00:41:59

      Hello So I got the game to run ben wehn I get to the Kingston kingston, Ricky chichuchua cut scene the game shuts down. Any idea what I can do to fix it?

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  • TotallyNotAReplicant sagte am 17.07.2018 um 02:30:11

      Hi Malte. Firstly, thanks for the awesome job with this! I was hoping you could help me as I’m still having issues with the shooting range not working and Zuben not showing up at the locked door in Act 1.

      I have done a fresh install using the latest ngi and adding the HDFRAMES.DAT to the folder, but still no joy 🙁

      For reference, the game is installed in E:/Blade Runner and the settings for the aqrit config file are as follows:

      RealDDrawPath = AUTO
      BltMirror = 2
      BltNoTearing = 1
      ColorFix = 1
      DisableHighDpiScaling = 1
      FakeVsync = 1
      ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 1
      SingleProcAffinity = 1
      ForceBltNoTearing = 1
      NoVideoMemory = 1

      Is there an additional step I’m missing/further changes needed to the aqrit config file?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  • AceRunner sagte am 18.06.2018 um 15:40:04

      Thanks for the reply. Are br_ngi.exe (in this thread) and the main Blade Runner Installer.exe identical, apart from one of them requiring administration rights to run for better compatibility? I think all four CDFRAMES.dat from each disc come to over 600MB in total in comparison to the HDFRAMES file, so I’m guessing they must share a lot of similar data.

      I extracted all four disc’s content to one folder, and merged them into one backup file for easy installation from the hard drive, and also to test to see if the installer would recognise the CD1,CD2 etc folders on their own (and not require a disc of the correct name) 🙂 The game installed without any problems. I added your installer and HDFRAMES to unzip for C:\Games\Blade Runner

      There are probably files I could have left out but it works with no problems, if I find any problems I’ll post them, although they may be more related to my hardware as the laptop only uses integrated graphics

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  • Malte sagte am 16.06.2018 um 16:38:13

      @AceRunner Thanks for your comment! The CDFRAMES.DAT is contained on the first disc of Blade Runner. The installer renames this one to HDFRAMES.DAT in order to see all sprites from the first chapter of the game, which disc one respectively contains. The same thing does the original installer by the way.
      The small HDFRAMES.DAT has to be replaced with the bigger HDRAMES.DAT from this posting! 😎

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